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Arts Flanders

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Arts Flanders is the international platform, which encompasses the main cultural players in Flanders. Arts Flanders publishes a two-monthly e-mail newsletter about arts in Flanders and abroad. Subscription is free and open to anyone. The newsletter is an initiative of six Flemish cultural organisations: the Flemish Literature Fund, the Flanders Music Centre, FARO, Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art, the Flemish Platform for the Performing Arts, and the Flemish Architecture Institute. Click here to subscribe!

Flemish Literature Fund

The Flemish Literature Fund, an autonomous governmental institution, has been active since 2000 to promote Flemish literature in Belgium and abroad. The principal instruments of its foreign policy are information, documentation and grants(for translation, travel and production). The Flemish Literature Fund offers professional advice and is in direct contact with authors, translators, publishers, cultural ambassadors , and other interested parties. It participates in international literary events.

Flemish Architecture Institute

The Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi) is a centre for contemporary architecture whose aim is to increase awareness of high-quality architecture among both the general public and professionals, researchers, the media and the authorities. The VAi organises a range of activities including talks, debates, guided tours and educational work for children and adolescents, and develops publications, studies, etc.

Flanders Music Centre

The Flanders Music Centre is an independent non-governmental organisation founded to support the Flemish professional music sector. We promote Flemish music in Belgium and abroad and offer information to anyone interested in music (of all genres) from Flanders. The Flanders Music Centre is a member of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC).

Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts

The Flemish performing arts field has never been so large, so colourful and so diverse as today. “Dance from Flanders” is a fixed notion in the international world of dance, and in the Flemish context the term “music theatre” has been attributed a very specific meaning over the past decades. The Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts (VTi) has been founded in 1987 as the organisation for the professional performing arts in Flanders. VTi is a documentation centre for theatre, dance and music theatre. A sectorial think-tank in a varied and international Flanders. And a critical interface between theatre-makers, the public and the policy-makers.

Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art (BAM)

BAM is the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art. BAM is an independent and intermediary structure, which is positioned between the field and the policy. From a base of in-depth knowledge of both the field and the policy, it provides information, furthers development, collaboration and networking - both within the field and crossing boundaries into other disciplines and fields - and it is in dialogue with the various governments.


FARO is the interface centre for the sector of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Flanders and is subsidized by the Flemish government. FARO's aim is to strengthen and support the cultural heritage field in Flanders, within the framework of the Cultural Heritage Decree. The mission of FARO can be described as a cluster of assignments with the aim to support and develop practices and knowledge in the cultural heritage sector and to develop communication and outreach initiatives for the public.

Flanders Image

Created in 1990, Flanders Image is the audiovisual export agency for Flanders and Brussels, Belgium. Flanders Image is in charge of the promotion of Flemish audiovisual creations abroad and is the sole official representative of Flanders cinema at all key international festivals and markets. In 2003, Flanders Image became part of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) where its mission is to both maximise the cultural impact of Flemish audiovisual creations and enhance its economic growth abroad. As of 2009, there's also Location Flanders, the film commission.

Flanders Image supports Flemish audiovisual creations and talents at the major film festivals around the globe. It produces publications, both online and in print, informs curators and buyers, runs market and festival booths, etc. Together with third parties, it explores emerging markets and new and improved ways of presenting audiovisual creations.