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Hon. Sven Gatz, Flemish Minister of Culture en SG Koen Verlaeckt

Flanders Becomes President of EUNIC

Source: - 06/20/17
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At the annual assembly in Brussels on 8 June, Flanders took Denmark’s place in EUNIC’s presidency. Secretary-General of the Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs, Koen Verlaeckt, will act as its chairman.

The Flemish presidency comes at an interesting moment in the history of the organization. On May 16, 2017, the EU strengthened its cooperation with EUNIC aiming at an improved role for culture in the external relations of the Union. The development and implementation of this cultural component in external EU relations starts now. Secretary General Verlaeckt: "EUNIC is faced with the challenge to fulfill the EU's expectations regarding the network. Over the coming year, we will strive to establish sustainable cooperation between EU Delegations and the local EUNIC clusters."

EUNIC is the international network of European national cultural institutes and organizations. All EU member states are affiliated which makes EUNIC an important partner for European cultural policy. In addition to the resources and expertise of its members, EUNIC has an extensive, global network of local cultural institutions. Through this network and through cooperation, EUNIC aims to support cultural diversity and promote dialogue between communities within and outside Europe.