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New 'Great War Centennial (2014-2018)' Website


As part of its commemoration project on the First World War, the Flemish government launches The new website houses information about activities and news about the commemoration. It also provides a platform to professionals and enthusiasts, enabling them to come into contact with each other and exchange information, ideas or tips. is an initiative of The Great War Centenary (2014-2018) Project Office, the Government of Flanders and Uit in Vlaanderen.

What can you find on this website?

- An events calendar and information, both for domestic and foreign audiences.
- An overview of the most important foreign actors and their websites.
- An interactive platform (only in Dutch).

For more info on the World War I Centannial plans of the Government of Flanders in the United States, feel free to contact with any questions, remarks or proposals you may have.