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Guido Deboeck

Guido Deboeck

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Guido Deboeck is an amateur genealogist who has collected information about his family for the past twenty-five years. On Father’s Day of 2006 at the Wine and Food Festival in Aspen (see photo above) he decided to assemble all of it in a book.

For close to a year his genealogy interests took precedence over all his other interests including investing, oenology, beer brewing, cooking, photography and eco-tourism. In addition to conventional genealogy he explored genetic genealogy over the last few years and has launching in 2005 the Flanders-Flemish DNA Project. This project was setup to collect and analyze DNA from anyone with Flemish roots.

The author started his career as a health economist in the World Health Organization, worked on rural development projects around the world and eventually became an advisor and manager of investment technology at the World Bank.

He published several articles and books including Visual Explorations in Finance: using self-organizing maps (1998) that was translated in Japanese and Russian; and Trading on the Edge: Neural, Genetic and Fuzzy Systems for Chaotic Financial Markets (1994). He also published a cookbook titled Un’beer’ably Delicious: recipes for cooking with artisan and craft beers (Dokus Publishing, Arlington, 2001).

Besides being an avid genealogist and home beer brewer, he writes investment columns for Bella On-line, the Women’s Voice on the Internet